Royal Conservatory of Music Guitar National Gold Medalist, Erez Sussman, is an innovator stylistically, combining diverse genres and influences into a beautiful, creative, and appetizing feast of sounds. Classical guitarist by training, he composes and records in many styles, and has performed extensively.

In 2011, Erez released his first solo album of original work, The Mighty Cedar. The recording was released to a full house at Trane Studio in Toronto, followed by a tour in New Zealand, and performances in Victoria BC, Ottawa ON, and Tel Aviv, Israel. He continues to perform around the Greater Toronto Area, at downtown venues such as Lula Lounge and Rivoli, and also at community events, where he showcases his band replete with upright bass, percussionists, and occasional vocals. The music highlights the artist's varied influences from Latin America, Europe, West Africa, the Middle East, and North America. He performs original material, classical guitar repertoire, and his own arrangements of older works. In July 2015, Erez recorded a series of videos in Washington State and British Columbia showcasing his music and the beautiful West Coast scenery that inspired many of his compositions (available on Youtube). He is a multi-instrumentalist and an artist in several disciplines.


I've dedicated this website to my artistic pursuits so that you can enjoy the fruits of my labours. Music being my weapon of choice, you can find recordings and video, as well my album, The Mighty Cedar (available for download). You can also check out my visual art; drawings, album art, and concert posters. At the end of August I play an annual show in Toronto - click on shows to find out when I'm playing next, or send me an email and I'll try to respond as soon as possible. You can also ask to be added to my mailing list to be informed about upcoming shows.

Music is humanity's universal language connecting the past, the present, the future - the eternal. The guitar is my main instrument. Made of wood, it resonates with the sound of nature. The album, The Mighty Cedar, takes its name from my first name Erez, translating from Hebrew to mean the Cedar of Lebanon. With this I pay respect to the tree; the recycler of breathable air, the roots that hold together the earth, the wood that makes up the guitar, and of course the countless other uses and benefits that Cedars, and all trees, provide for humanity and the Earth's ecosystem.

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